Democrat Party’s squishiness on Maduro dictatorship has Venezuelan Americans flocking to GOP

It really isn’t that difficult. All Democrats need to do is call out and condemn a murderous and brutally repressive dictatorship in Venezuela. But they just can’t seem to do it. We have seen them do the same thing with Cuba’s dictatorship and now they are making the same mistake with Venezuela.

With the Democrat Party’s bold embrace of socialism, it is now even more difficult for even “moderate” Democrats to speak ill of a socialist dictator. If any dare disparage a fellow socialist tyrant, they risk a pummeling by the leftist extremists who have taken over the Democrat Party.

No matter how many Venezuelans starve, how many flee socialist tyranny, how many are imprisoned, or how many are murdered, the extremist left controlling the Democrat Party will not allow anyone to condemn it.

Via Fox News:

As the country’s problems worsen, Democratic Venezuelan-Americans question whether their party’s actions go far enough. A growing number of exiles say they feel forgotten by a new generation of outspoken, progressive Democrats, leaving them less beholden to a party they had long supported.

Issues that for years were hotly debated in an area of Miami known as “Doral-zuela” due to its vibrant Venezuelan community, have made their way to the ears of some of the most powerful lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

The Venezuelans are angry that, as the country continues to spiral, some Democrats keep calling on the U.S. to pull out of Venezuela and lift all sanctions against the government.“This is where the Democrats have consistently dropped the ball…they have never felt like it was an important issue…it’s very difficult to feel and coexist in the same party that is saying these things are so ignorant about my homeland,” said Venezuelan immigrant Helena Poleo.


Democratic Representatives Ro Khanna, Ilhan Omar and Tulsi Gabbard are opposing the Trump administration’s decision to recognize 35-year-old opposition leader Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela, impose oil sanctions and refuse to rule out military action against denounced lefist-president, Nicolás Maduro.

New York freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-proclaimed Democratic-socialist, has described U.S. strategy in impoverished Venezuela as “counterproductive,” siding with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in refusing to denounce the Maduro regime, prompting harsh backlash from both sides of the political aisle.

The Democrat party is losing the Venezuelan American vote for the same reason it lost the Cuban American vote: They cannot bring themselves to condemn socialist tyranny.