Alabama honors four of their own American service members killed during the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba

President John F. Kennedy did not only betray the brave and courageous Cuban soldiers he left to die at the Bay of Pigs, he betrayed brave and courageous American soldiers as well.

Yesterday, Alabama honored four of their own who died during the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

Via CBS42:

More than 50 years later and some of Alabama’s heroes are still being remembered after sacrificing their life in a secret war.  

The Bay of Pigs was an American invasion in Cuba that was unsuccessful in April of 1961 and took the life of more than a hundred men.4 of the men killed were from Alabama.  

On Thursday at Forest Hill cemetery in Birmingham, men and women in uniform took a moment to remember a brother.  

“It’s important for us to remember this. We’ll never forget the sacrifices that our unit members made during Bay of Pigs invasion and family and friends of those who died,” said Lieutenant Colonel Mike Adams.


Since the CIA released information about Bay of Pigs, the air national guard in Alabama remembers the 4 Alabama men who were shot down and killed during the invasion.  

“The service members were not recognized, the unit was not recognized and it’s important we tell the story because quite frankly it’s in danger of dying if it’s not told,” said Adams. 

One of them is 1st Lieutenant Thomas Ray.  

A proper ceremony is held every year around the anniversary to show their respect for the men who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

“I’m glad we do it and by honoring Ray and by doing that and we honor the other 3 members killed and really honor the Cubans that were shot down also because they all had honorable intentions,” said Glenn.  

“It was an honor to serve and still be here,” said Yates.  

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  1. And the Kennedys (who sent a member to an invasion-related Castro function in Cuba to, like, bury the hatchet)? Bien, gracias. Talk about glorified trash. Lord, the contempt.

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