African students in Cuba clashing with police

Trouble in paradise

African medical students in Cuba have been acting up lately, complaining loudly, and the Castronoid authorities are not pleased, to say the least.

This week, it is Congolese students who are protesting and creating an uproar, according to Marti Noticias and some tweets on Twitter .

No news outlet other than Marti Noticias has reported on this, so details are sketchy.

The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) informed that it will adopt the pertinent measures in accordance with the legislation in force in the country, with the medical students of the Democratic Republic of the Congo who claim 27 months of scholarships that have not been paid.

An official note from MINSAP acknowledges that the protests on Monday, April 8, where there was a large police deployment “became violent.”

Since March, Congolese students have been demonstrating peacefully in Havana for the debt of more than two years of payments agreed to study in Cuba and hold the Congolese government accountable.

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Last month, it was Kenyan students who staged protests when one of their cohort committed suicide,  allegedly because he couldn’t stand the abysmal living conditions which he and his fellow students were enduring in Cuba.

The Kenyan government responded by promising to increase their living stipend in Cuba.

Let’s see what happens next with the Congolese protests, if anything…. News about dissatisfied African students in Cuba normally do not show up in Western news media outlets, much less in the “news” provided by Cuba’s Ministry of Truth.

Given what has happened in the past to naughty African students who dare to complain, the current protesters could end up being deported.

Naive African students on their way to a life of deprivation in Cuba

Tweet from Twitter (something Tres Fotutos doesn’t understand at all)

Hatzel Vela (@HatzelVelaWPLG)
4/9/19, 10:55 AM
#CUBA: Situation w/ #Congolese medical students is escalating. #NEW video from inside the school shows students confronting #Cuban #police. The #Cuban govt issued statement saying the incidents have turned violent…behavior they say will not be tolerated. ??@WPLGLocal10??

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