Shocking! New York Times allows Venezuelan dissident to complain about Cuba’s behavior

From our Bureau of the Impossible

Wow. Looky here, Mildred. El Niuyortain has broken its longstanding policy concerning news from or about Cuba.

Holy Havana! The Castrophiles who control expression at this newspapers have benevolently allowed Julio Borges, a Venezuelan, to speak ill of Castrogonia.

What’s next? More op-eds that express heretical opinions?

Julio Borges after an encounter with Bolivarian zealots

Cuba Has Hijacked Venezuela

Venezuelans are not victims of a single dictatorship but of two

I was a member of the opposition coalition that participated in the talks with Nicolás Maduro’s government between 2017 and 2018. For more than a year we tried to work out a deal that would put an end to the chaos deepening in Venezuela. But no solution is viable as long as the country remains tethered to Cuba.

The communications minister and government representative in the talks, Jorge Rodríguez, reiterated Venezuela’s desire that it receive the same treatment as Cuba. This declaration laid bare the pretension of the regime: a dictatorship that is accepted and ultimately gets its way, like the one Raúl Castro inherited from his brother and passed on to Miguel Díaz-Canel.

But Cuba is more than an inspiration and a role model for the Chavismo government. The island nation has hijacked Venezuela and is effectively holding it hostage. Important government decisions are being made in Havana, not in Caracas. The Castro regime’s tentacles extend to several Venezuelan governmental institutions, including the armed forces and the offices of immigration and health services.

In a speech at the United Nations in October, the secretary general of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, said that at least 22,000 Cubans have infiltrated Venezuela’s government and its institutions. They have done so, he explained, holding important positions in government agencies and in the national security and intelligence services.

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