As Cubans tighten their belts amid increasing shortages, Raul Castro’s Granddaughter flaunts the family’s revolutionary spoils via Airbnb

Socialism for thee but not for me example of the day. The sickening hypocrisy. As Dr. Eire posted, King Raul warns Cubans to tighten their belts as socialist incompetence and corruption deepen shortages of necessities in Cuba. While Cuban’s face a looming second special period, King Raul’s granddaughter flaunts the family’s revolutionary spoils by renting a no doubt previously owned expropriated mansion via Airbnb for $650 dollars a night. As reported by Ciber Cuba, it’s enough to make you dizzy, as the average Cuban barely manages to make a $30 dollars a month.

By Ernesto Morales via Ciber Cuba ( loosely translated):


La “Casa Vida” de La Habana que tiene los cimientos de la muerte (Havana’s “House of Life” that has the foundation of death)

How Much can you do today, right now, with $650 dollars ready in your pocket to spend on a splurge? See: You can stay 3 nights at the majestic Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. You Can pay for a whole week on the paradisiacal island of Antigua, including flight back and forth from Miami. You Can Be seated right now in the first class of a plane to Madrid, in the south of Florida, and to return next Monday. Or you can spend a proletarian night at the house of Raúl Castro’s granddaughter in Miramar, Havana. So appetizing the catalogue of offers.
This makes me dizzy. $650 dollars, The Havana night at Home Life Luxury Holidays. The salary of two whole years, with its twelve months, of a Cuban anyone whose average income does not scratch the $30 per month.
I Confess that the headline we exhibited today at CiberCuba made me skip the alarms. I Usually shy away from the excesses of the plague. They give me hives. As a result, reading that our editorial team defined as “mansion” to a house for rent in Havana made me bow an eyebrow. When I checked, the eyebrow returned to its place. The mouth was the one that opened wide. Pure Stupor. Then He went to a grimace of disgust. Of repulsion.

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Así es la lujosa mansión de #
en el exclusivo reparto #
de # LaHabana Foto @diariodecuba

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  1. You bet this is stolen property, and I expect Vilma owns other such properties, like other members of the Castro crime family, who no doubt also own real estate outside Cuba and have money stashed abroad (for a rainy day). There’s no call to be surprised in the slightest, except, perhaps, at a certain lack of discretion or caution (though presumed impunity breeds carelessness). Todo muy propio de la alta aristocracia “revolucionaria.” But not to worry, I’m sure she really feels the people’s pain, just like Vil Clinton did.

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