A Cuban exile’s perfect response to useful idiot tour guides who think they can instill Cuba culture via a propaganda tour

Our friend and long time Babalu reader Ray, in an email exchange discussing this fool taking his students to Cuba to teach them about Cuban customs, etc., provoked his perfect succinct response to anyone who thinks a few days on propaganda tour will impart true knowledge of Cuba’s culture and customs, and what a disservice it does to those fighting for Cuba’s freedom.

This truth, shared with permission:

“This is why we have not been able to free Cuba in 60 years of tyranny. Too many Cubans like this teacher who takes his students to Cuba so that they can learn Cuban culture. He trivializes the situation. How can you teach Cuban culture to your American students if Cuban culture is compromised by the Stalinist dictatorship? How can you show your students how Cubans live if you don’t go to the jails and visit the political prisoners, or stand on a rationing line under the sun for 6 hours a day, or live in a hot apartment with no air conditioning and daily blackouts with backed up toilets and overcrowding?”

Click here to view offensive accompanying video..

2 thoughts on “A Cuban exile’s perfect response to useful idiot tour guides who think they can instill Cuba culture via a propaganda tour”

  1. I don’t need to see the video, and won’t; that photo is enough. Can you say Cubanoid? I can, and smell it, too. Alas, most Cubans were never worthy of someone like José Martí, but much closer to this creature–which goes a long way to explain our national disaster and prolonged degradation and disgrace. Here are some apt words by Martí:

    Visitar la casa del opresor es sancionar la opresión. Cada muestra de familiaridad de los hijos de un pueblo oprimido con las personas o sociedades del gobierno opresor, confesas o disimuladas, es un argumento más para la opresión, que alega la alegría y amistad espontánea del pueblo sojuzgado, y es un argumento menos para los que alegan que el pueblo oprimido, vejado, envenenado quiere sacudir la opresión… Mientras un pueblo no tenga conquistados sus derechos, el hijo suyo que pisa en son de fiesta la casa de los que se los conculcan es enemigo de su pueblo.

    Short translation: One does not go and party in a place of oppression, which trivializes the situation and “normalizes” it. One does not fraternize with the oppressors or their agents, be they open or covert. Whoever collaborates with the oppressors of his people is an enemy of his people.

  2. Still, to be fair, the guy deserves a commission from the “revolution” for bringing in so much business.

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