Cuban “migrants” intercepted out at sea by U.S. Coast Guard

From our Back to Hell Bureau

With all attention being diverted to the invading hordes at the U.S./Mexico border, Cuban “migrants” have become virtually invisible.

But Cubans continue to risk their lives to escape from their island prison, despite the fact that U.S. law now requires that they be sent back to Cuba.

This latest group of would-be refugees was stranded at sea for several days.

Now that they’ve been rescued, the next step will be sending them back to hell.

From Magnolia State Live:

The U.S. Coast Guard said it worked with a cruise ship to rescue 23 people adrift for days in the Gulf of Mexico.

A Coast Guard news statement issued Sunday saying 22 Cubans started traveling on a wooden boat from Cuba to Mexico before losing power and drifting three days.

A Cuban-Mexican man took them aboard his sports fishing boat, but then its engines malfunctioned and the group drifted three more days.

The Coast Guard said it was contacted early Sunday by a brother of one of the Cubans. In addition to launching its own effort to find the disabled fishing boat, the Coast Guard alerted the Carnival Fantasy.

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