Trump’s strong anti-socialism message will resonate in Florida during the 2020 election

It’s easy to sell socialism to people who have never suffered under it. But for those who have escaped its tyranny, the specter of socialism brings back horrific memories. President Trump’s strong anti-socialism message resonates in Florida because it is the home for millions of people who have experienced the horrors of socialism. This fact, which after decades is still inexplicably lost on Democrats, will likely guarantee a win for Trump in 2020.

David Unsworth in PanAm Post:

Trump’s 2020 Anti-socialism Message Will Resonate Well in Florida

Donald Trump must win Florida, and fare well with its large Latino community, to win reelection, and his anti-socialism message and denunciation of Castro, Maduro, and Ortega, is poised to resonate well.

On February 24, 1996, Cuban fighter jets shot down two private planes belonging to a humanitarian group called Brothers to the Rescue. The planes were patrolling the waters between Cuba and the Florida Keys, in search of Cuban refugees, seeking to make their way northward to take advantage of the United States’ “wet foot, dry foot” policy, which granted temporary protective status and a pathway to citizenship.

The two planes were manned by four men: Armando Alejandre, Carlos Costa, Mario de La Pena, and Pablo Morales, who were shot down in international waters, in a move that prompted swift condemnation, including from the UN Security Council. These men are regarded as heroes in Florida’s large Cuban community; a community that plays an outsized role in national elections, and largely votes Republican, due to the G.O.P.’s affinity to the anti-Castro, anti-Communist cause.

Recent machinations by the Cuban community have stirred a movement to call for the indictment of Raul Castro, who at the time headed Cuba’s military forces, on murder charges.

The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, a powerful coalition of exile groups, has led the charges, calling for Castro to face charges for his role in the Brothers to the Rescue fiasco, as well as “crimes committed with his support and intervention in Venezuela and now in Nicaragua.”

The Cuban community has a long memory, and many lost everything in the Cuban Revolution, which saw a Communist dictatorship confiscate private property on the island. It has long demanded compensation for the theft of that property, and now it has the Trump administration’s ear.

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1 thought on “Trump’s strong anti-socialism message will resonate in Florida during the 2020 election”

  1. It should have also resonated in 2016 and apparently it did not. As inconceivable as it may be, Hillary Clinton won Miami-Dade in 2016.

    This being the same Clintons who ran favor$ for Castro (ultimately saving Castro’s tyranny after the fall of the USSR) and who robbed the Haitians of aid funds (the former Haitian official K. Oberwein committed “suicide” days before he was scheduled to testify against either Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation).

    Not to mention how far to the left the Democrat party was by that point nor Obama’s blatantly shameless subservience towards Cuba’s communist regime – marking what was to come, yet did not thanks to Donald Trump.

    Thus, either the percentage of cubans, or rightist cubans, isn’t as high as it once was or Miami-Dade is full of new “hermanos latinos” who, well, we know the type and the political I.Q.

    That said, we must also look past south Florida, specially look into central Florida, to not forget the new wave Puerto Ricans in Orlando. I am not expecting those ignoramuses to ever vote against a welfare check or stray away from identity politics.

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