U.S. State Dept. adds more Castro regime-owned businesses in Cuba to the restricted list

Cuban regime-owned Melia Marina Varadero Apartments in Varadero, Cuba.

The U.S. State Department has added an additional five businesses in Cuba owned by the Castro family dictatorship to its restricted list. These businesses join dozens of other regime-owned entities that provide revenue and cash flow to the murderous Cuban dictatorship.

Via Armenia News:

The United States added five legal entities to the list of restrictions on Cuba, State Department reported.

The US added five legal entities to the Cuban list of restrictions that are allegedly controlled by the Cuban military, the State Department said Wednesday.

The new update the Cuba Restricted List, and it adds five additional sub-entities: (1) Hotel Santa Isabel (in Havana), (2) Hotel El Caney Varadero (in Varadero), (3) Melia Marina Varadero Apartamentos (in Varadero), (4) Aerogaviota (subentity of the Armed Forces Business Enterprises Group (GAESA)), and (5) Diving Center — Marina Gaviota (subentity of the Gaviota tourism group). The State Department will continue to update the list as needed.

This is another blow to the corrupt Castro regime by the Trump administration, hitting the dictatorship where socialists hurt the most: their wallets.

As we Cubans like to say, ahora si que se va poner buena la cosa (roughly translated: the situation is going to get really interesting now).

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  1. Considering the lives of ordinary Cubans, especially the terrible housing situation, such resorts are obscene.

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