Putin sends military technicians to Venezuela to support Maduro dictatorship’s Russian missile system

Russia has once again come to the aid of Cuba’s Castro dictatorship by providing support for the Cuban regime’s puppet dictator in Venezuela. And once again, that aid comes in the form of missiles.

Via Voice of America:

Russian military personnel flying into Venezuela in recent weeks were likely sent to ensure the nation’s sophisticated S-300 surface-to-air missiles remain a credible deterrent to any U.S. military action against the government of socialist President Nicolas Maduro, according to defense analysts in Latin America, the U.S. and Russia.

Analysts say the Russian military contingent, which reportedly arrived in late March, included air defense specialists with the necessary skills to ensure the decade-old missiles can be kept operational in spite of Venezuela’s crumbling infrastructure and frequent power failures.

The Venezuelan government has displayed the S-300 missiles at military parades. U.S. Defense Department officials confirm their presence in the country, as do former Venezuelan military personnel. But few details have been revealed about their operational status or deployment.

According to defense experts in the region and satellite imagery obtained by the Israeli company Image Sat, at least four mobile batteries of S-300 missiles have been installed in different parts of Venezuela over recent months to protect key military bases and government centers.

Russian interference in the Western Hemisphere is indeed real and alarming. The problem is, the American left is more worried about crappy Russian memes on Facebook than they are about Russian missiles in Venezuela.