The fall of Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship could spell the end of Cuba’s socialist dictatorship

While the Cuban regime has survived many events that should have taken it down, the socialist Castro dictatorship has also been quite lucky. When the Castro family dictatorship has found itself on the ropes, someone or something has seemed to always show up at the last moment to throw the murderous and corrupt regime a lifeline.

Venezuela was one of those lifelines that pulled the Castro dictatorship to safety the last time it found itself about to drown. But this time, there seems to be no sign of another Venezuela on the horizon to save the Cuban regime. And if their puppet dictatorship in Caracas goes down, the Castros may not be far behind them.

Via Yahoo News:

‘If Venezuela falls, Cuba is next’: Strategist

The chaos in Venezuela could take down more than just the Maduro regime, according to one strategist.

“The Cubans are the ones who are running the show in Venezuela,” Bulltick Chief Global Markets Strategist Kathryn Rooney Vera told Yahoo Finance’s “On the Move” on Wednesday. “As soon as Venezuela falls, what we are going to see is Cuba fall in its wake.”

Cuba is among numerous countries including Russia, China, and Iran that have stood firm behind President Nicolás Maduro.


The U.S. along with Brazil and several EU countries has backed opposition leader Juan Guaido. Guaido called for an uprising against Maduro this week, urging military leaders to join his cause. Venezuelans have taken to the streets in support since his call.

Rooney Vera says Maduro does not belong in office. “This is not a coup and it’s so critical to highlight that point,” she said. “President Maduro is not the legitimate president. It’s against the constitution and the last presidential election was deemed illegitimate.”

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