Castro dictatorship’s slave trade of over 100K Cubans annually exposed, criminal complaint filed in the Hague

Edwin Mora reports in Breitbart:

NGOs: Cuba Enslaving Up to 100,000 Doctors, Other Professionals Annually

The communist regime of Cuba is actively subjecting tens of thousands of doctors, musicians, professors, engineers, athletes, and other professionals deployed on international missions across the world to “crimes against humanity,” including “enslavement, persecution, and other inhuman acts,” two prominent non-governmental organizations (NGO) revealed on Tuesday.

In total, the Cuban government has subjected “close to one million” Cuban professionals to crimes against humanity — namely slavery — the NGOs known as the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) and Cuban Prisoner Defenders revealed during a press conference hosted by the Organization of American States (OAS).

Last week, the NGOs filed official complaints with the International Criminal Court and the United Nations to hold communist Cuban officials accountable for slavery and other crimes against humanity, Blas Jesus Imbroda, the former President of the International Criminal Bar, told reporters.

Citing Cuban laws, workers’ contracts, international agreements, and dozens of testimonies from Cuban professionals, the NGOs accused the island nation of enslaving tens of thousands of professionals each year, nearly half of them, or about 37,000, doctors.

“The figures vary. Right now, that figure is accurate. At times, the figure has even been higher,” Javier Larrondo, the founder of Cuban Prisoners Defenders, told reporters, referring to the number of doctors.

“We are talking about 50,000 to 100,000 professionals each year subjected to slavery by Cuba including doctors, but also teachers, intellectual artists, musicians,” he added.

“More than one hundred countries host these Cuban activities,” Larrondo revealed.

Once overseas, Cuban professionals, by the island nation’s laws, have no right to social life, no right to marry, no freedom of movement, no right to family visits, and no right to go back to Cuba without permission, the NGOs found.

The professionals are only allowed to keep between ten to 25 percent of the wages paid by the host countries while the rest goes to the Cuban government. They are also heavily monitored.

Citing data about the Brazil mission, he added that federal judges had declared the Cuban government’s exploitation of its professionals to be “slave work.”

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