Twitter arbitrarily bans Babalú Blog website, but Cuban dictatorship propaganda websites are still welcome

Today marks ten days since Twitter, without warning or explanation, arbitrarily banned any links to Babalú Blog on its platform. On May 8th, Twitter began rejecting tweets containing a link to Babalú and continues doing so to this moment.

When I tried to tweet an article from Babalú on May 8th, I got a message the tweet did not go through. No reasons were given for blocking the tweet, leaving me wondering what was going on. So I checked the @babalubloggers profile to try and retweet the article from there. That is when I discovered the article tweets that auto-post from our website to the Babalú Twitter account had stopped posting

It was then when I clicked on the link of the last tweet that made it through and discovered Twitter had blocked Babalú Blog. It seems Twitter, for no justifiable reason, just went ahead and decided Babalú Blog is unsafe and in violation of their Terms of Service. This is the message Twitter users now get if they happen to come across an old link to Babalú.

We have made repeated attempts to have Twitter remove the ban on Babalú but have yet to receive any response. We have made reports to Twitter Support, but the only thing we have received in return is an automated email saying they would look into it. They have provided no explanation or reason for the ban and have not offered any assistance on how to address or fix this issue.

It feels like they are simply ignoring us, perhaps in the hope we will get tired and go away. Apparently, they have never dealt with Cuban Americans.

Babalú Blog has been reporting news on Cuba and providing commentary for 16 years. Over a decade and a half we have written and reported on the struggle against tyranny in Cuba, the human rights atrocities committed by the Castro regime, the courageous acts by the island’s dissidents, and U.S-Cuba policy.

We have become a thorn in the side for not only for the socialist Castro dictatorship, but also for the criminal regime’s supporters, defenders, and enablers all over the world.

Babalu Blog is also a secure site and due to the constant cyber attacks launched against it over the years by the Cuban dictatorship, it is also well protected. The site has the top rating of “Minimal Risk” by McAfee’s

In the meantime, while Babalú is blocked from reporting any news on Cuba, the Cuban dictatorship is still able to post links to their propaganda sites such as Granma and Juventud Rebelde. Twitter seems more than happy to oblige them and provide a platform to disseminate their lies.

Babalú articles reporting on the brutal oppression of Cuba’s LGBT community or Ladies in White are blocked on Twitter, but the Castro regime’s state-run newspaper is allowed to post links to articles like this (posted on May 17, 2019):

We cannot say for certain this is not the fault of Twitter’s overzealous algorithms, but considering the platform’s dubious history, neither can we say for certain it is not a concerted effort by them to silence a dissident voice. Twitter refuses to respond and will not offer an explanation, so one can only look at their past decisions and speculate.

One thing we do know for certain is that Twitter is silencing the voices of dissent on the island while amplifying the voices of oppression and brutality in Cuba.

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  1. If this is an unintentional technical glitch, Twitter is obligated to investigate, explain what happened and correct the matter. If that does not happen reasonably promptly, it must be assumed to be an act of deliberate censorship, even though I’m quite sure the Twitter accounts of any number of major Castro dictatorship figures (like Mariela Castro) remain up and running.

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