The ‘revolutionary gays’ of Cuba’s Mariela Castro: Thank Goodness for small favors

It turns out the grotesquely surreal person in a Che beret (at far right in the photo), evidently one of Mariela Castro’s properly “revolutionary” LGBT entourage, actually styles himself as el Che de los gays, or the gay Che, and runs around doing things like putting lipstick and rainbow scarves on busts of José Martí (apparently with impunity).

He also condemned the recent unofficial LGBT march in Cuba which was suppressed by force and similarly condemned by the Queen of CENESEX.

However, outrageously inappropriate though such a creature is (to put it kindly), he is thankfully NOT Cuban but Chilean. No doubt there’s more back story here, but it hardly matters — I’m just grateful we don’t have to endure yet another screaming embarrassment.

It may not be much, but if there’s one thing we don’t need, it’s one more deeply disgraceful Cubanoid.