Shocking! Severe food shortages in Cuba don’t affect tourists

Cuba for Cubans

From our Annals of Apartheid Tourism Bureau

As Captain Renault might say (see video below): I’m shocked, shocked, to learn that Cubans are starving but tourists in Cuba are well-fed.”

So shocking! NOT….

The real shock is the fact that not a single news outlet that is covering the food shortages and rationing in Cuba dares to mention that Castro, Inc.’s apartheid tourist industry is totally unaffected by this crisis.

And this is nothing new. The tourism industry of Castro, Inc. has always been an apartheid enterprise.

If anyone needs proof of the fact that apartheid is alive and well — and thriving — in Cuba, all they’d have to do is to compare the lifestyle of Cubans trapped on the island with that of the millions of tourists who flock there, especially at this present moment, when Venenozuela’s collapse is crippling Cuba.

As usual, Castro, Inc. is blaming others for the food shortages and also claiming that their main goal is to distribute essential items evenly and fairly.

Yeah. Fairly and evenly. Sure. Check out that claim at any tourist facility.

Long live socialism! No other economic system on earth is capable of turning a very large tropical island with one of the richest soils on earth into a beggarly nation that can’t feed its own people and has to import about three quarters of its food supply.

And no other political system would lay claim to egalitarian social justice while granting foreigners privileges and amenities it denies to its own citizens.

Party on, dudes. Vote socialist in 2020. Some pigs are more equal than others.

Cuba for tourists: Restaurant at Iberostar hotel, Varadero

From the Castro News Network (CNN):

Chicken, eggs and soap. Three items available right now at  practically any grocery store in America but much harder to come by and afford in a country just 90 miles from U.S. soil. Cuba has a food  shortage.

The Caribbean nation`s communist government has put what it calls regulations, which are rations, on meats and cleaning products.

The reason, there are fewer of them on the island and the government says it`s trying to make sure what is available is distributed equally.

Cuba imports 2/3 of its food from other countries and its economy has been heavily influenced by what happens abroad. 

Much more blabbering that avoids the obvious HERE

Cuba for Cubans