Neglected school building collapses in socialist Cuba, five children injured

Socialism does not just kill with starvation, repression, torture, and bullets. Socialism also kills with neglect and corruption.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Five children injured in partial collapse of a school in Havana

A partial building collapse at the “Jose Martí” primary school in the Playa municipality of Havana left at least five children injured, sources have confirmed to Radio Television Martí.

The collapse took place in the “physical education area” of the school facility, located at the intersection of 50th street and 25th avenue. According to activist Teresita Castellanos, the children were transported to the “Juan Manuel Marquez” Pediatric Hospital.

“5th grade students were in that area when a roof eave collapsed and fell on five children,” said Castellanos.

The children were initially taken to the Jorge Ruiz Ramirez clinic and later to the hospital. A worker at the medical centerl confirmed to Radio Martí via telephone the injuries to the children.

“They are out of danger. But they are kids, so we have to keep them under observation,” said the source.

Official government media outlet Cubadebate reported that the incident took place in the morning, citing a provincial government source who said “the children will remain under observation for the next 24 hours.”

Human rights activist Lazaro Yuri Valle Roca published photos taken outside the school the moment emergency services arrived.

“Children are injured. The police is not allowing anyone to take photos, but thanks to our friend who informed us of the news, I am sending several photos.”

2 thoughts on “Neglected school building collapses in socialist Cuba, five children injured”

  1. I guess Eusebio Leal Spengler couldn’t convert the school into a hotel, so it wasn’t worth restoring! Good thing that some eurotrash wasn’t hurt only Cuban kids. No big deal! Oh, well! Tough nookies! Carry on!

  2. An unfortunate consequence of the embargo, Helms-Burton or global warming, but NOT the “revolution.” Castro, Inc. is not to blame, EVER.

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