Sports reporter says views on Cuba held by his editorial board are “warped and deceptive”

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Miami Dolphins beat writer, Omar Kelly tweeted this about Cuba.

Interestingly, his view is at odds with that of his own editorial board. When Fidel Castro died in 2016 the Sun-Sentinel’s editorial board published a scathing column bidding “good riddance” to Castro, who they labeled a “tyrant.”

About people like Kelly, the editors said,

How can anyone who hasn’t lived it understand what it is like to live in daily fear of being arrested or shot for speaking your mind? Or to have your family’s grocery list controlled to the last potato or grain of rice? Or to be turned in by a neighbor who makes up stories of spying and treason to show feigned government loyalty at your family’s expense?

The editors go on to say,

The rise of Cuban bloggers did what Radio Marti never could. They pulled back the curtain for Cubans to see their nation’s warts, stagnation and human rights violations.

Who to believe, Kelly or his editorial board’s “lying eyes“?