Cuban spies at Miami airport have stolen lots of sensitive information

From our Bureau of Unsurprising Surprises

Under President Obama the U.S. loosened all sorts of restrictions on the Castro regime as part of its “historical” attempt to befriend King Raul and his minions.

Part of the deal included programs of “cooperation” between the security forces of both nations.

Well, here is one result of this change in policy.

Castronoid spies have been immensely successful at obtaining all sorts of sensitive information from Miami International Airport

Surprise! NOT!

The only real surprise here is that someone at CiberCuba managed to obtain a cache of revealing documents from Castro, Inc.’s Spy Central (MININT: Ministry of the Interior).

From Cuba Headlines

Cuba’s intelligence services have managed to appropriate confidential information on internal operations, airline operating records and access to restricted areas at the Miami International Airport (MIA), according to classified documents of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) that obtained CiberCuba

The intelligence documentation on the MIA is part of a batch of classified files transferred by an anonymous source to CiberCuba with hundreds of pages and multimedia files, bank transfers, contracts, emails and private information of persons of interest to the Cuban government, in what constitutes one of the biggest leaks of the secret files of the MININT in all its history.

At least six letterhead documents from the MININT Counterintelligence Directorate, dated between 2015 and 2017, contain sensitive information that was sent to Havana by agents of the Cuban regime in compliance with espionage missions and data collection.

Each of the pages related to the MIA is headed under the label of Program Collector, and appears with a stamp of Confidential in capital letters and numbering stamped at the bottom.

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