Cuban dictatorship’s promise of mobile internet access proves too slow, too expensive, and too censored

The media and “Cuba Experts” were elated a few months ago when Cuba’s socialist dictatorship announced it would roll out mobile internet access for Cubans. But like all the other promises made by socialism, you never really get what is promised.

Cubans were expecting to join the rest of the world and surf the net on their phones as they were promised. Instead, they are getting internet that is too slow and prohibitively expensive. Not only that, they are paying exorbitant rates to surf a highly censored web under the constant watch of Cuban State Security.

Via AFP:

Six months on from the euphoria that greeted full internet access for mobile phones on the communist-run island, frustrated Cubans complain it is too expensive, too slow and crippled by government censorship.

Hundreds have joined a Twitter campaign to call for affordable rates.

“We are hungry, hungry for information, hungry for online surfing, hungry for knowledge and intellectual freedom,” summed up one user.

“It’s not possible that the internet is a luxury in the 21st Century,” said another campaigner using the hashtag #BajenLosPreciosDeInternet — “drop internet prices” in Spanish.

Another accused state-owned telecommunications company Etecsa of spying on the population.

Etecsa “is spying on us and censoring us with full impunity.”

Nonetheless, while this may be yet another setback for the supporters and defenders of Cuba’s socialist dictatorship, there’s no doubt the Castro regime is preparing to announce another promise that will never be kept that they will be able to celebrate.