Sweden rejects EU push to reward Cuba’s repressive socialist dictatorship with cooperation agreement

An attempt by European Union bureaucrats to reward Cuba’s murderous dictatorship with improved relations has been rejected by Sweden. The Swedish government pointed to the continued repression of the Cuban people on the island as a valid reason to reject an accord calling for increased cooperation between the EU and the socialist Castro regime.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Sweden decides against ratifying agreement between the European Union and Cuba

The Minister of Foreign Relations from Sweden has stated the Scandinavian country has decided to leave unratified a bill in the EU on Political Dialogue and Cooperation between the European Union and Cuba.

“The government revokes bill 2017/2018: 285, an agreement on political dialogue and cooperation between the European Union and its member states on one side and the Republic of Cuba on the other,” said a brief statement on the Swedish government’s website published on Wednesday.

Erik Jennische, the Latin America director for Civil Rights Defenders, told Diario de Cuba that the approval of the new Cuban constitution in April likely ended the last hope the Swedish government and other sectors in the opposition had that cooperation would prompt change in Cuba.

Jennische said the decision shows the Swedish government has listened to the democratic Cuban opposition and made a valiant decision that should serve as an example to other members of the European Union, which has not been able to ratify the agreement.

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