Top Venezuelan defector confirms Venezuela is under Cuba’s thumb… and reveals many other unsavory details too


This is a big story. Cristopher Figuera, the man formerly in charge of Venezuela’s spying and its security forces — and therefore in charge of imprisoning and torturing opponents of the Chavez/Maduro dictatorship — has jumped ship and he is confirming some of the worst-kept secrets about the criminal nature of the Havana/Caracas relationship and its links to other dangerous enemies of the U.S. and Western civilization.

A long article in today’s Guasintonpó (Washington Post) exposes the whole sordid mess in great detail.

Here is a brief excerpt that relates to Castrogonia’s control of Maduro.

Read the whole article if you can.

Figuera and his boss

Maduro relied on 15 to 20 Cubans for personal security. Some were military guards, Figuera said. But three Cubans, called “the psychologists,” served as special advisers who would analyze Maduro’s speeches to assess their public impact.

Figuera saw Maduro multiple times a week at cabinet meetings. When he sought a one-on-one meeting this year, hewas told to go through “Aldo” — a Cuban.

“I was like, ‘What?’ I’m his intelligence chief, and I have to go through a Cuban to be able to meet with him?”

Power outages nationwide paralyzed Venezuela in March. Figuera and other senior officials were in a meeting with Maduro when Raúl Castro called, Figuera said. Maduro took the phone into a corner of the room to speak to the former Cuban president.

When the call ended, Figuera said, Maduro appeared relieved. Castro had promised to dispatch a team of Cuban technicians to help solve the problem.
“Raúl Castro was like an adviser for Maduro,” Figuera said. “If he was in any meeting, it would be interrupted if Castro was on the phone.”

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Maduro and his boss