Cuban dissident arbitrarily detained for 48 hours

Marieta Martínez

From our Real Change in Cuba Bureau

Cuba is changing, so say most of the world;s news outlets.

Yeah, sure. Tell that to the Ladies in White and other dissidents

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Marieta Martínez –a Lady in White and political exprisoner– was detained for 48 hours in the police unit on Zanja Street in Havana.
Moments after being released this Friday, Martinez granted a telephone interview to Radio Television Martí and explained what happened during his arrest.

“I went out on Wednesday and the repressor Arturo Montenegro took me and told me to accompany him to the Zanja Unit, then there in the Zanja unit he had me until one o’clock in the afternoon in the dungeons, but not inside the dungeon Then he put me in a patrol car and he moved me to the Guanabacoa unit, the same Wednesday, I was left inside the patrol car from 1pm to 5pm, waiting for him to receive permission to leave me there, “said the member of Damas de Blanco.

Berta Soler Fernández, leader and spokeswoman for the female opposition group reported on her Twitter account the arrest of Martinez, who was sentenced to three years in prison in April 2016 and released in 2017, four months after parole was granted.

On numerous occasions, Martínez has been arrested and mistreated by the authorities, as she has denounced, and has been deported to Camagüey, her home city, although she has lived in the Cuban capital for several years.

Marieta Martínez