Democrats who praised Obama for long visit to Cuba blast Trump for taking a few steps into North Korea

Ten steps with “bad” dictator that will live in infamy

From our Annals of Unbridled Hypocrisy Bureau with assistance from our Miami Buró de Hijeputez

Santas pulgas de los perros de San Lazaro! Holy fleas from St. Lazarus’s dogs! Can anyone else take hypocrisy to such rare heights? Or can anyone else take duplicity to greater abysmal depths?

Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential election let out a collective howl of disapproval and condemnation for the Trumpinator’s visit to North Korea yesterday, accusing him of “coddling dictators at the expense of American national security” and “raising the profile of a dictator.”

Never mind the fact that these same scabrous hypocrites heaped nothing but praise on Obama for his “historic” trip to Castrogonia and for all of the unilateral concessions made to the dictator who rules that narcoterrorist hellhole.

And never mind the fact that the Trumpinator spent hardly any time there, a mere ten steps north of the demilitarized zone while Obama spent several days smooching with King Raul and posing for charming photos and videos of his “historic” trip.

Ay, Mami! Creo que me esta dando un patatu! I think I’m having a patatu*

(*Patatu: a rare affliction that only affects Cubans, defined as follows in the Cuban-to-English Dictionary of the Real Academia de la Saguesera in Miami: “Attack of obscure origin that can strike at any time. Could be serious enough to require hospitalization, yet is undetected by medical technology. Victims tend to be males and females over the age of 50 years. “)

From Trumpapalooza, the only news outlet that would highlight such hypocrisy (Fox News):

The candidates in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary put aside their squabbles on Sunday – sort of – to focus on a common enemy: President Trump.

From former Vice President Joe Biden to former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro, the Democratic hopefuls derided Trump’s third meeting with North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un – accusing the president of everything from “coddling” dictators to posing for a photo opportunity.

“President Trump’s coddling of dictators at the expense of American national security and interests is one of the most dangerous ways that he’s diminishing us on the world stage and subverting our values as a nation,” Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said.

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