Death Wish of the Day: Angola wants heavy Cuban involvement in their economy

Angolan president João Lourenço

From our Bureau of Third World Suicidal Buffoons

Say what?

This is no joke. Angola’s president João Lourenço is in Havana right now, hell-bent on strengthening ties with Cuba, and his Foreign Minister is blabbering about the “great advances” made by Castro, Inc. and how much his country could gain by following directions from the geniuses in King Raul’s brain trust.

Have these buffoons seen what Cuba did to itself? Or what Cuba has done to Venezuela?

Obviously, whatever they’ve seen looks good, somehow. Which means that they must have suicidal tendencies.

Or maybe they just want to learn how it is that Castro, Inc. manages to default on so many colossal loans while its oligarchs stash away billions in Swiss banks.

Cuban economic success

From EIN Newsdesk:

Angola wants major Cuban participation in country’s economic endeavors

The Foreign Affairs minister, Manuel Augusto, last Sunday in Havana said Angola wants to see Cuba more involved in the African country’s economic diversification efforts. ,Manuel Augusto was speaking to the press in the ambit of the first state visit to Cuba of President João Lourenço, which is to last three days as of this Monday, aimed to reinforce the bilateral relations.
He said Cuba has advanced in many areas of knowledge, chiefly in the medical sciences and the pharmaceutical industry, which can help Angola to become self-sufficient and engaged in the production of basic products, including medicines.
He went on to say that several bilateral accords are to be signed during this visit, also with a view to harmonising the co-operation with the new paradigms of the co-operation relations.   
He pointed out as probable new areas of co-operation the scientific research, small and medium industry, besides others of mutual interest and benefit.  

Venezuelan economic success
Venezuelan economic success

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  1. Africans have the lowest average I.Q. ranking in the entire world – by far. Therefore, there is no real surprise here.

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