Photo of the Day: How food is transported in socialist Cuba

Food is not easy to come by in socialist Cuba. After sixty years of socialist tyranny, the economy is in shambles and food along with the most basic items is rationed. But on those rare occasions when the communist Castro dictatorship is able to delivery food to the people, it is not always in the most sanitary way.

The photo below shows how ground beef is being delivered to the town of Manzanillo by the socialist state. Sacks of ground beef transported on a dirty truck, unrefrigerated and bursting open in the hot July sun.

Here is the comment left by the Cuban who posted the photos on social media (via Cubita Now – my translation):

“I just came across this. . . This is how ground beef is delivered. . . ground beef for the people of Manzanillo, without refrigeration, on the dirty floor of a truck, exposed to the July sun. We are doing well, this is what the Cuban people deserve. #WeAreContinuity.”

This is socialism in action.

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  1. Besides, I expect that’s not ground beef, but a concoction called something like “pasta de masa cárnica.” Just don’t ask what’s in it.

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