Despite attempts to discredit American and Canadian diplomats, the ‘sonic attacks’ in Cuba were real

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship continues to claim there was no such thing as “sonic attacks” on American and Canadian diplomats in Havana. They have done everything they can to deflect the attention away from the Cuban government and the evidence implicating them. The Castros have even gone so far as to call it a CIA operation and blamed crickets for the strange sounds the diplomats heard when they were attacked.

But the tyrannical Castro dictatorship was not alone in this attempt to escape accountability. Journalists and academics jumped to the Cuban regime’s defense, amplifying the dictatorship’s preposterous theories and adding a few laughable ones of their own.

One of the theories offered by the defenders of the Castro dictatorship was “mass hysteria.” They claimed dozens of American and Canadian diplomats were simply hysterical, together, at the same time, and made up the symptoms and their sickness. In other words, the diplomats went crazy and were imagining things.

The only problem with the “mass hysteria” theory, apart from its absurdity, is that hysteria does not cause physical injuries like the ones suffered by the diplomats.

Edward Shorter explains in The Conversation:

‘Havana syndrome’ symptoms of diplomats in Cuba are not mass hysteria

It is a disservice to the men and women of the United States and Canadian diplomatic services to suggest they are suffering from a “mass psychogenic illness” arising from their tenure in Havana.

In the autumn of 2016, many members of the U.S. mission in Cuba began to develop “symptoms of dizziness, ear pain and tinnitus” — as physicians who investigated them reported — after perceiving high frequency noise and cerebral pressure. In the late winter of 2017, 14 members of the Canadian legation began developing similar symptoms.

The mysterious “Havana syndrome” has since been a subject of intense speculation. The question is whether the victims are suffering from a psychogenic disorder arising in the mind or a somatogenic disorder arising from a physical disorder of brain tissue itself. Mass psychogenic illness is simply a new term for what used to be called “epidemic hysteria.”

Do these diplomats have hysteria, now being called “Havana Syndrome?” Or do they have a lesion, caused by some kind of a device intended to inflict injury?

Victims suffered traumatic brain injuries

A number of things are wrong with the “psychogenesis” (hysteria) argument. Most notably, symptoms of hysteria are caused by the action of the mind.

A study led by Dr. Michael E Hoffer, a neuro-otologist at the University of Miami, however, reported problems with the central vestibular system (inner ear) in 36 per cent of American diplomats and their families affected by Havana syndrome.

Lesions in this part of the auditory apparatus would be organic. Inner ear damage is not psychogenic and means that the tissues of the inner ear itself have sustained some kind of assault.

The affected Canadians who were evacuated to the University of Miami, and who then subsequently went to the University of Pennsylvania for similar examinations, were reportedly diagnosed with “traumatic brain injuries akin to concussions.”

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