U.S. imposes more sanctions on Cuba’s socialist dictatorship, targets state-owned entity importing oil from Venezuela

The Treasury Department announced on Wednesday it is imposing new sanctions on Cuba’s socialist dictatorship in an effort to cut off support to the Castro regime’s puppet dictatorship in Venezuela. The sanctions target the Cuban state-owned entity importing Venezuelan oil in exchange for military and intelligence support for Venezuela’s Maduro dictatorship.

Via Voice of America News:

The U.S. is sanctioning a Cuban business for importing Venezuelan oil as part of America’s ongoing effort to force the South American country’s president, Nicolas Maduro, from power.

The United States Treasury is targeting Cuban oil company Cubametales for its continued support of the Venezuelan government, according to a press release Wednesday from the department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.

The sanctions on Cubametales “will disrupt Maduro’s attempts to use Venezuela’s oil as a bargaining tool to help his supporters purchase protection from Cuba,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in the press release. 

The Treasury Department says state-run Cubametales guarantees all imports and exports of fuel to and from Cuba, and has maintained a close business relationship with Maduro.    

Mnuchin added, “Maduro is clinging to Cuba to stay in power, buying military and intelligence operatives in exchange for oil.”

While Venezuelans suffer gas shortages in their own country, Cuba’s Castro dictatorship has been siphoning off 20 to 50 thousand barrels of oil every day from that beleaguered nation. The socialist Cuban dictatorship offers no cash in exchange for the crude, but instead provides military support and intelligence services to the Venezuelan dictatorship to ensure the Maduro regime remains in power.