2 thoughts on “Meme of the Day: When people find out you’re Cuban”

  1. I feel that way when anybody considers me “Latin,” not to mention “Latino,” which to me means Latrine.

  2. I agree with Asombra, I hate the “Latino” label. Back in the 1960’s up to the early 70’s, we were considered Cubans. This was great. Then the chicanos hoping to expand their powerbase and in order to enhance their disastrous PR image, petitioned the Department of the Census to stop calling Hispanics by their nation of birth or ancestry. This was a brillaint move for them–very self-serving.. NO longer would a Chicano who committed a crime be called a Mexican American, since he would henceforth be labled Hispanic by the arresting officer instead of Mexican. Thus, if a chicano from East L.A. killed three people in a gang related driveby shooting, the newspapers would label him a Hispanic. Tragically, Cubans would, also, no longer be known as Cubans either. The result was disasterous for us. When went from being Golden Exiles to just another type of dirty trouble making Latrine. But ,the chicanos were able to hide their criminality behind a label and at the same time, they could claim to speak for not just Mexicans, but Puerto Ricans and Cubans and all Central and South Americans, since we were all Latinos.

    That said, another thing I hate we people find out I’m Cuban is the inevitable remark, “I love Cuba!” “I hear its so great!” “I want to see it before it changes, before its ruined by MacDonalds and Burger King!”

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