‘Socialism or Death!’: Castro dictatorship selling rotten meat to pregnant women and diabetics in Cuba

Food is hard enough to come by in communist Cuba. And when there is food, the quality is questionable at best. Last week we saw how ground beef is transported by the Castro regime, unrefrigerated and on dirty truck floors with the sacks bursting in the hot sun. Last month we learned some Cubans believe they’re being sold dog meat labeled as mutton.

Today we learn the Cuban dictatorship has been selling pregnant women and diabetics rotten meat.

A favorite slogan of Cuba’s Castro dictatorship is “Socialism or Death!” Considering the food socialism provides the Cuban people, they will surely achieve both.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Dissidents: Cuba Selling Rotten Meat to Diabetics, Pregnant Women

The Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), one of the island’s largest dissident groups, published evidence of the Castro regime selling rotten meat to locals in eastern Santiago de Cuba at a market that has no functioning refrigeration, the Spanish newspaper Diario de Cuba reported on Sunday.

Diario de Cuba published a video interview by UNPACU members of Damaris Rodríguez Ramos, who shows the meat she ate onscreen – what appears to be beef, but clearly displaying signs of decomposition, turning purple and green.

Rodríguez tells UNPACU that she bought steak and ground beef at her local shop in Santiago.
“The neighbors told me that if I boiled it and threw away the water that I could consume it,” she explains. “The next day, I boiled a piece, I cooked it, and I tried it. I ate a little piece with bread. And look at how I am now. Since yesterday, my stomach is upset, I am vomiting, I have diarrhea.”

Rodríguez expressed fears that her relatives would have died if they ate it, and concerns for her own weakened medical state.

“I have diabetes, my mother had a brain aneurysm six months ago, my daughter is five months pregnant,” she explains. “I was the only one who ate that meat, to try it before giving it to them. I think they would have died, I would have been crying for the loss of my loved ones. This is prime meat, according to them.”

“Not even dogs should consume that,” she laments in the video.

According to Rodríguez, it can take up to four days for locals to have access to meat at the shop. Many wait hours on line in the summer heat to procure the rancid meat for their families.

“The store does not have refrigeration … When it has been repaired, it has been with the money of consumers because the state does not make itself responsible,” she notes. “They don’t care if somebody gets sick, dies, whatever. They just care if the product gets sold, good or not.”

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  1. I believe this is called RANCID meat. Lovely putrescent color, no? The smell must be to die for.

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