Video of the Day: San Juan, PR mayor blasts U.S., but refuses to criticize Cuban and Venezuelan dictatorships

In an interview with Univision’s Jorge Ramos, San Juan, PR mayor and co-chair of the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign Carmen Yulin Cruz blasted the U.S., comparing the suffering of the Puerto Rican people with that of Venezuelans. But when Ramos challenged Cruz and pressed her to criticize the socialist dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela, she utterly refused.

While offering harsh criticism for the U.S., Cruz deflected Ramos’ question on Cuba and Venezuela, declining to utter a single word of criticism for those murderous dictatorships.

Via MRCtv:

Read the transcript HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Video of the Day: San Juan, PR mayor blasts U.S., but refuses to criticize Cuban and Venezuelan dictatorships”

  1. “El Tercer Mundo Asociado de Puerto Pobre” is a tropical Baltimore, as in dump, the result of its own local culture and politics.

    The heads of both dominating parties, the PNP and PPD, are registered Democrat. Needless to say, they are both corrupt garbage constantly using unions, bureaucracy, and welfare to buy votes.

    43%, if not higher according to their very Governor, of the island receives some form of welfare (food stamps, section 8, unemployment, etc.). On average, American taxpayers send $17 billion in welfare funds to Puerto Rico.

    That said, USA has given that entitled money pit and bastion of parasitical stupidity BILLIONS of dollars in subsidies, basically gifting them an artificial economy they would have never achieved independently. But they are the “victims” of colonialism, sure…

    What Ramos failed to mention, it is the Puerto Rican voter who has never voted for independence nor for the party representing independence (PIP) – one that every four years gets no more than 3% of the votes. More so, her alleged “political prisoner” was more than a separatist but also a communist, terrorist, and murderer trying to force his political will (also hers) on a population that, through electoral freedom, has staunchly and repeatedly rejected it.

    This detestable and socially resented bitch thinks Havana is a better friend than Washington D.C. – she has only made a fool of herself, an utterly amoral, capricious, and shameless out at that.

    It isn’t USA’s fault that the majority of Puerto Ricans are not bilingual, that the place has 78 municipalities (each with its own government body), that only a 7% of the population has a professional degree, that local sales taxes are 12%, that local corruption is rampant, that for decades there was no planing, vision, ambition…

    These aren’t issues that will get any better with independence, much less an independence in the hands of Castro groupies.

    The sooner USA drops that hot potato the better, for they aren’t a sociopolitical contribution here, there, or anywhere.

  2. Let Puerto Rico go its own way. Lord knows it costs the US way, WAY more than it’s worth. There’s no excuse for the chronic dysfunction there, considering all the advantages they’ve had for ages due to the US connection. They’ve wasted the opportunity to do FAR better than they have. Of course, there’s the Latrine factor, which can explain a great deal.

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