A modest proposal: Bring the running of the bulls to Cuba

From our Bureau of Bright Ideas

How’s this for a tourist attraction? Every year thousands of foreigners pour into the small city of Pamplona in Spain just so they can risk getting trampled and gored by bulls.

Hemingway wrote about it this crazy festival of San Fermin (The Sun Also Rises), Hollywood brought the spectacle to movie screens, and the next thing you know, everybody wanted to do it.

I wanted to do it in 1984, when I could still run, but my wife talked me out of it (a more gallant way of saying that she wouldn’t let me do it).

Given how much Castro, Inc. likes to exploit Hemingway’s connection to Cuba — and his leftist leanings — why not bring the event to Old Havana?

And to make it even more appealing, why not have all of the members of the Communist Party run along with the tourists each and every day of the festival? This would include the leadership of the Party, of course, including its head, King Raul, his children and grandchildren, and his puppet colonial rulers Nicolas Maduro and Daniel Ortega.

No bull, Mildred … this would be phenomenal!

And, to keep the tourists coming — and to thin the herd of socialist/communist presidential candidates in America’s Democratic Party, extend the festival for another week, with all of the top contenders for the nomination.

Much better than a debate… no bull, Mildred… and it would be politically correct celebration of Hispanic culture… and all this in a socialist paradise!

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