Shocking! Cuba’s so-called parliament unanimously rubber stamps tiny cosmetic changes to government structure

World’s largest rubber stamp

From our Bureau of Meaningless Titles with assistance from our Bureau of Nada, Nada, Nada and our Booger Princess Paparazzi Squad

Oh, nothing can beat the smell of unanimous votes by phony parliaments in the morning! Except maybe for the smell of old meaningless titles being resurrected.

Each and every member of Cuba’s one-party communist National Assembly voted in lockstep to approve the resurrection of the title of “Prime Minister,” which was previously held by Fidel Castro from 1959 to 1976 and then ditched when he purged figurehead “President” Osvaldo Dorticos and assumed his formal title.

Such titles have always been meaningless for the two monarchs of the Castro dynasty.

King Fidel — more commonly called “Maximum Leader” and “Comandante” by his subjects — hung on to the title of “President” for two years after his near-fatal intestinal illness left him physically and mentally handicapped. During that interim, his brother Raul assumed the throne and ruled as de facto king under the title of “Acting President.”

King Raul then ruled as “President” from 2008 until very recently, when that title was assumed by Miguel (Trucutu) Diaz Canel, a younger member of the armed forces and the communist party,

Currently, King Raul continues to run the country as head of the Communist Party while synthetic “President” Trucutu travels throughout the island and the world pretending to be head of state.

According to the new unanimously-approved rules, the new “Prime Minister” will be chosen by synthetic President Trucutu in December (though, in truth, the “choosing” is most likely to be in the hands of King Raul) And the number of parliamentarians will be reduced from the present 605 deputies to 474 seats.

What does all of this mean? Nothing will change. Absolutely nothing. Nada, nada, nada….

…. except maybe the King’s daughter, the Booger Princess Mariela will be able to call herself “Prime Minister” ?

The King and his synthetic “President”

From Al Jazeerah

Cuba’s parliament has approved a new electoral law which calls for both a president and a prime minister but has no provision for a multiparty system, maintaining the Communist Party as the only permitted political organisation in the country.

The new electoral law was unanimously approved in Saturday’s parliamentary session which included former President Raul Castro, who remains the head of the Communist Party of Cuba, and current President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Like the president and parliament deputies, the prime minister can now be elected to a maximum of two five-year consecutive terms. 

Diaz-Canel is expected to remain president and appoint a prime minister, a position for which there are still no official candidates.

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Alll hail the Princess Prime Minister!