2,604 criminals freed from prison in Cuba

From our Bureau of Ambiguous and Potentially Ominous Cosmetic Changes

The Castro regime has just made more room in its jails by releasing petty criminals. Why?

Synthetic puppet president Trucutu claims that this surprising move is driven by the new so-called constitution and its stipulation that criminals need to be reintegrated into society.

Yeah. Sure. This move makes Castrogonia look good. This is the “new” Cuba.

As usual, it’s impossible to get the real story. “Economic” criminals were not freed. In other words, Cuban entrepreneurs who successfully compete with Castro, Inc.’s monopoly deserve no “reintegration”. Neither does anyone who steals gasoline or kills a cow without a Castro, Inc. permit. And so on…

Murderers and sexual predators get no clemency either

So, what’s going on? As “Ancient Aliens” superstar Giorgio Tsoukalos might put it: Is it possible that Castrogonia’s leaders are getting ready to fill those empty jail cells with dissidents? Could it be that a huge roundup is on the way?

Could be. For sure. Or maybe Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of the Interior needs to add another 2,609 thugs to harass dissidents and “economic” criminals.

So it goes….your guess is as good as Giorgio’s….Maybe they need room for aliens from the planet Mongo…because that is where all Cuban dissidents come from?

From Granma East (Xinhua).

The Cuban government has granted pardons to 2,604 inmates, a government release said Friday.

The pardon took effect on account of the behavior of the jailed, the expired date of their terms, as well as the nature and influence of the cases for which they were punished.

Other factors included age and chronic diseases, especially among women, the young and the elderly.

Those pardoned have met at least one third of the criteria.

The pardon did not cover those convicted of murder, rape, pederasty with violence, robbery with violence, corruption of minors and drug trafficking.
Economic crimes involving corruption, cattle slaughter and theft of, for instance, fuel were also excluded.

Hit by a grave economic crisis and decades-old U.S. trade embargo, the government is resolved to fight against economic crimes.

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Time to start the round up….