Cuban Baptist minister speaks with President Trump about religious persecution in socialist Cuba

During a meeting this week with religious leaders from around the world, President Trump heard about the religious persecution many of them suffer. Among those visiting with the president was Baptist minister Mario Felix Lleonart, a Cuban pastor who himself has been beaten and arrested by the Castro dictatorship for his religious beliefs.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Baptist minister Mario Felix Lleonart Barroso was able to speak this Wednesday with U.S. president Donald Trump during the Ministerial to Advance Religious Liberty conference and provide insight to the human rights situation in Cuba and the persecution suffered by some leaders of the Christian community.

In an interview with Radio Television Martí, Lleonart Barroso said it was “an enormous privilege” to be able to denounce the dire situation regarding religious liberties on the island to the American president.

“I was able to tell him: ‘Mr. President, I am Cuban, I appreciate the fact you are thinking of Cuba, for inviting me and learning that liberties are being violated. That there is a pastor at this moment imprisoned along with his wife in Guantanamo, that pastor is Ramon Rigal and his wife (Ayda Exposito),'” he said.

Barroso was part of “a group of 28 survivors of religious repression” who met with Trump at the White House.

After his presentation, he said President Trump asked if anything had changed in Cuba with the new president Miguel Diaz-Canel.

“Mi respuesta fue que no podíamos hablar de un nuevo líder porque Raúl Castro continúa siendo el 1er Secretario del Partido Comunista de Cuba. Todos sabemos que según la propia Constitución el Partido es el mayor órgano de poder en Cuba”, indicó.

“I responded that we could not talk about a new leader because Raul Castro continues to be the First Secretary of the Communist Party in Cuba. We all know that according to the party’s own constitution, that is the supreme seat of power in Cuba,” he said.

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship has been persecuting Christians and other religious groups since coming to power in 1959. The communist regime has zero tolerance for any religious expression that does not make the socialist state the supreme god.