Spanish tourists infected with Zika virus in Cuba

From our Annals of Apartheid Tourism Bureau

It seems the Zika virus is unaware of the fact that European tourists are superior beings who should not be subjected to the same indignities as lowly Cubans.

How dare you, Zika! How dare you….

And it also seems that tourists have a greater risk of being infected by Zika in Cuba than anywhere else in the Americas.

Oh, the wonders of Castro, Inc.’s free medical care! Vamos bien!

From VaxBeforeTravel

A recent study found travelers returning to Spain after visiting Cuba in 2017 were carrying the Zika virus.

According to a study led by the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), over 3 years, the Tropical Medicine Service Clinic in Barcelona, Spain, detected 42 imported cases of the Zika virus in travelers to Cuba.   

While travelers had visited different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Zika cases were only identified in those who visited Cuba, said these researchers in a press release.

“These cases could reflect an absence of herd immunity in the Cuban population, as well as the possibility of it being one of the last places in the Americas with ongoing Zika virus transmission,” explains Alex Almuedo, M.D., first author of this study. 

Additionally, Jose Muñoz, study coordinator, ISGlobal researcher and Head of the Tropical Medicine Service at the Hospital Clínic, said ‘these results underscore the need to consider possible Zika infection among travelers returning from Cuba.”   

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