Cardinal Jaime Ortega dies on sacred anniversary of Castro “Revolution”

From our Bureau of Well-timed Deaths

He turned the Catholic Church in Cuba into an arm of the Castro regime.

And his soul departed from earth on the most sacred date of the Castro calendar.

‘Nuff said….

From Marti Noticias.

Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega Alamino passed away this Friday, a statement from the Archbishopric of Havana announced.

In the note issued by the Archbishop of Havana, Monsignor Juan García de la Caridad Rodríguez ensures that the cardinal will be remembered for “his kind smile, his clairvoyant intelligence and the testimony of a priesthood delivered and sometimes suffered.”

The health of Bishop Ortega, archbishop emeritus of Havana, has been aggravated in recent times by pancreatic cancer.

6 thoughts on “Cardinal Jaime Ortega dies on sacred anniversary of Castro “Revolution””

  1. Ortega served his purpose but was no longer relevant, so this makes little difference. The damage he did is done.

  2. If nothing else, regardless of motive or intent, he scandalized the faithful and disgraced the RCC, but then so has the pope.

  3. As a Christian, I’m sad that there’s another soul in hell. But as a Cuban-American & a human being, I laugh at the irony of this!! Poor Pope Frankie – does he celebrate 26th of July or does he mourn Jaime’s death?

  4. I’m fairly certain the regime had so much dirt on him for “conducta impropia” that he was largely a puppet, but again, follow the trail, all the way to the Vatican.

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