4 thoughts on “Grave site for Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega revealed”

  1. What a fitting monument for fidel. A cold, hard, gray rock, not even marble or some other beautiful stone, no a gray rock without shape without anything that could even be thought of as artistic value or sublime beauty. When I look at it the only thing that I can think of is that its symbolic representation of how castro bulldozed Cuba how he brought it back to the stone age.

    Let’s wait and see where his fateful servant, Jaime, is buried. The regime is so cheap that he’ll probaby be buried in some mass grave for heroes, or if they are feeling generous, some tiny tombstone will be erected somewhere.

  2. Btw. I knew the man who sculpted the monument wherein lie the remains of José Martí.
    Mario Santi. He lived right near me. Glad to see he did not live to see the pile of crap that was dumped right by his work of art.

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