Quote of the day: Spanish business partners of Cuba’s Castro regime rely on slave labor and are comparable to Nazis

Cuban slave labor

From our Bureau of Incisive Comparisons

Alfredo Cepero has written a brilliant essay on the role Spain continues to play in exploiting Cuban labor and in aiding the repressive Castro regime.

Cepero has hit the nail on the head: Spanish firms are no different from the German firms that profited from slave labor in the Third Reich. The only visible difference is that Cuban workers don’t wear prison uniforms.

Here is a loosely translated excerpt of the essay’s “money shot”:

To get an idea of ??the complicity of Spanish companies with the tyranny of Cuba, a few statistics are enough. The more than 200 Spanish firms based on the Island say they are prepared to resist an eventual hardening of the embargo by the United States. It is also revealing that the only association of foreign entrepreneurs in Cuba – with 250 members and 25 years of existence – is the Spanish one. This group represents, a quarter of the foreign companies accredited in the local Chamber of Commerce.

Among them, the most despicable and exploitative has been Sol Meliá with ten luxury hotels along the Island. Imitating the demented policies and predictions of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, Meliá prepares to continue exploiting its Cuban workers for an eternity. That is why last year Melia renewed its operating licenses until 2042 and promised to invest another 400 million dollars. And on top of this cynicism, when they were confronted with the threat of claims by the rightful owners of the properties they operate, their managers said: ‘we are mere hotel managers’.

These statements contrary to all reality can only be made by people blinded by greed and ignorant of history. Because, as we once threw them out of our homeland in our wars of independence, this time we will pass them the bill for their abuses, their exploitations and their privileges. If we don’t do it, we don’t deserve to be free.

Go HERE to find the entire essay at La Nueva Nacion, in Spanish.

Nazi slave labor

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  1. Oh, but the Spanish were NOT thrown out after Cuba became independent. They were never even held to account for the destruction and the deaths (including Weyler’s spectacular genocide of civilians) the war inflicted on Cuba. Cubans have always been sentimental fools when it comes to Spain and all things Spanish–and Spain has only taken advantage of that, predictably enough. It’s quite useless to expect the Spanish to change their ways, so maybe it’s time we change OURS.

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