NYC Mayor De Blasio provides shifty answers to questions about honeymoon in Cuba, ties to Sandinista communists

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Bill De Blasio, mayor of New York City, has never hidden his love for radical leftism. But every time his expressions of love for communism slip out into view, he tries to distance himself from the obvious truth.

Yesterday, it was his honeymoon in Castrogonia and his well-documented support of Nicarrrrragua’s communist terrorists that received some scrutiny on nationwide television.

As usual, the hyper-slimy leftist mayor provided evasive answers that exposed his deep love for communist repressive regimes, despite his desperate and feeble attempt to hide the truth..

Disgusting…. to say the least.

Sandinista comrade De Blasio

From The Washington Examiner:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was forced to defend why he went to Cuba for his honeymoon during an appearance on ABC’s The View.

“You went on a honeymoon to Cuba 25 years ago. You supported the government of Nicaragua where I was born. You went to Miami last month and quoted Che Guevara. That’s like a blackout moment if I ever heard one, in Miami,” host Ana Navarro pressed de Blasio.

“Every day I get mail from Republicans saying, ‘Democrats are socialists. Democrats want to turn the United States in Venezuela and Cuba,'” she continued. “You actually supported some of those governments and went there when we had embargos. Tell me how you feel about that?”

“Two points. First, just I don’t agree with those facts,” the 2020 long shot said before Navarro got him to admit he did honeymoon in Cuba.

“I went on my honeymoon to a country that is part of this hemisphere and is a historically and culturally important place,” he said in his defense.
De Blasio said he did not support either the Nicaraguan or Venezuelan governments and only supported a revolution in Nicaraguan to overthrow a dictator.

His defense follows an apology last month after he turned heads by quoting Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara during a rally in Miami, Florida.

Slimer extraordinaire

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  1. I don’t mind Warren “Bill” Wilhelm de Blasio, though he uses a pseudonym, ostentatiously married a black “ex-lesbian” and is generally a screaming POS (and looks it). Shit happens–always has, always will. But, enabling and encouraging shit is another matter–it’s like taking a dump in somebody’s bathroom and then fishing out the turds and smearing them all over the walls and floor. It is NOT acceptable. So please, don’t ask me what I think about NYC voters, or anybody who’d vote for such a blatant POS.

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