The Beto man is a disgrace

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It did not take long for Robert O’Rourke to blame President Trump for El Paso.  This is from CNN:    

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday asked O’Rourke, a former El Paso congressman: “Do you think President Trump is a white nationalist?”

“Yes. I do,” O’Rourke said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” The Democrat also referenced Trump’s record of insulting Mexicans as “rapists” and describing asylum seeking migrants as an infestation.

“The things that he has said both as a candidate and then as the President of the United States, this cannot be open for debate,” he said.

Well, Trump is now a “white nationalist.” Yesterday, he was a “racist.”  Wonder what Beto will say tomorrow?  Maybe he will call President Trump a “Nazi”!

What solutions is Beto proposing?  The answer is none, or at least nothing that will actually stop mass shootings.

Banning guns or rifles or whatever?  Banning these guns will not stop mass shootings.  Just look south of the border where they have strict gun laws and thousands of murders.

Background checks?  We do that already, but it did not stop the young man who shot people at a church in South Texas.

More gun laws?  It’s apparently not working in Chicago:  At Least 3 Killed, 37 Wounded In Weekend Shootings Across Chicago.  So far in 2019: 281 killed!

So Beto and his pals offer no real solutions other than to blame President Trump.   

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