Socialist Castro dictatorship minister lashes out at criticism of daughter’s U.S. vacation while Cubans starve back home

Castro dictatorship’s Vice-Minister of Culture Fernando Rojas

Photos of the daughter of Cuban Vice-Minister of Culture Fernando Rojas have appeared on social media showing the young lady frolicking while on vacation in the U.S. The photos of her pleasant visit into the belly of the imperial beast has spurred heavy criticism from Cubans on social media.

Although her level of extravagance comes nowhere near to that of actual members of the Castro family dictatorship, in comparison to Cubans who are forced to live in misery and squalor, she is definitely living the Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist.

Feeling insulted that the plebs would dare publicly criticize a Vice-Minister, Rojas took to social media to defend his daughter and lash out at the Cubans exposing his corruption and socialist hypocrisy.

Antonio Jose Ponte has the report in Diario de Cuba:

Fernando Rojas and the Family Soap Opera

Social media has made it possible for the daughter of a vice-minister of the Cuban regime to show off her stay in the US, her tourism photos to become an instrument for the condemnation of the vice-minister’s hypocrisy,  for him to be attacked on Twitter,  and to respond, also on Twitter. Could one ask for more?

Fernando Rojas, Vice-Minister of Culture, did not deny that it was his daughter. He was glad to clarify that she resides in Havana, and the photos were of a trip; that is, that she was not one of those children of leaders who so distrust society that their parents shuttle them off somewhere far away, to live under other laws.

There are no yachts in those photos in which that young woman shares her delight at exploring new places. They are the kind of images that could be of anyone living off the Island, and her summery clothes betray no signs of luxury. A tweeter asked Vice-Minister Rojas where the money for those getaways comes from, as it can hardly be from his salary. He was also asked about his wife’s private business, a spa in Havana, and another wanted to know if there were price caps on the spa’s services.

In addition to economic freedom, for some and not for others, at issue was the freedom of movement for some, and not for others. Ministers, vice-ministers and other authorities have managed to so lower the Cuban people’s expectations that the mere idea of traveling seems to them a lavish privilege. Through his work, Fernando Rojas restricts freedom of movement and opinion so severely that his daughter in those photos cannot help but come off as a privileged rich girl.

Overwhelmed by the insults leveled at him on Twitter, and, I suppose, regretting having made the decision to retort to those who beset him, he resorted to the usual base rhetoric: his accusers, he said, were guilty of having abandoned their country … by accusing him, they were accusing Cuba … they were making those accusations as mercenaries … some organization must have paying them to get to him and his daughter, depriving her of the pleasure of seeing the world …

Desperate to terminate the dispute, he replied to one tweeter: “You pay too much attention to my family. Did they ask you to, or are you some kind of Stalinist? ” His demand for one to distinguish between who he is, and who his family is, is remarkable, ass his use of Stalinism as an insult. At this rate, the day is not far off when members of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) will attack their adversaries by calling them Communists.

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  1. Oh, but his kind is entitled. I mean, where would Cuba be without its “revolutionary” elite? Oh, wait…

  2. There are LOTS of “hijitos de papá” living very nicely off being related to regime VIPs, and they will even rebuke their critics for being “unfair” since they may never have done much (if anything) except take advantage of their connections. Besides, if you can’t enjoy being part of the elite, what’s the point? If the (ordinary) people aren’t happy with their lives, let them try harder to be like Che–that should do it.

  3. And by the way, doesn’t Rojas just ooze culture? He looks like a goon who used to work for Hugo Chávez.

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