Socialist Castro dictatorship sentences Cuban independent journalist to one year of prison for reporting the news

This is what “reform” looks like in socialist Cuba, where reporting the news earns an independent journalist a one-year prison sentence in a Castro gulag.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

The Municipal Court of Guantanamo has sentenced Cuban independent journalist Roberto Jesus Quiñones Haces to one year in prison, replaced by hard labor.

The regime accused Quiñones Haces of the supposed crimes of resistance and disobedience reports Cubanet, where he is a collaborator.

The journalist tried to present evidence in his case of the beating he received at the hands of State Security on April 22nd when he was arrested while covering the trial in Guantanmo of two married pastors, Ramon Rigal and Ayda Exposito, charged with homeschooling their children.

“They did not allow me to present the evidence of the injuries I received from the beating. They said the injuries were self-inflicted,” said Quiñones Hace via telephone after his sentence was handed down on Wednesday morning.


“I don’t expect anything from Castroism, but neither will I kneel before the oppressors of the Cuban people,” he said in a statement published on Cubanet. “No one is going to give us liberty. That is an option that lives within us,” he added during remarks where he expressed appreciation for the support and solidarity he received.

American journalists think they have it tough covering the news under President Trump. They should try doing it under Cuban dictator Raul Castro.