Cuban dissidents harassed, arrested, prevented from meeting

Martha Beatriz Roque

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The “new” Cuba of fake president Trucutu Diaz Canel continues to look exactly the same as the “old” Cuba of the Castro brothers.

“Change” you can believe in, for sure. Yeah. Viva Castrogonia.

Obedience or death!

Socialism in action

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

State Security prevented a meeting between activists of the Cuban Network of Community Communicators and the Opponents Movement for a New Republic, scheduled for this Friday, in the capital city of October 10.

Dissident and former political prisoner Martha Beatriz Roque, who leads the network of communicators, denounced the conduct of the Cuban authorities to Radio Televisión Martí.

Roque told Radio Televisión Martí that they planned a joint meeting with the movement led by José Díaz Silva, but that the repressive action of the authorities has prevented the meeting.

“They went to see a participant, Lázara Ayllón, and they told him that he would not be able to enter. They also have Jorge Bello’s house surrounded in Güira de Melena, and here in my house the number of Security agents is incredible, of persecutors, motorcycle, “said the dissident.

Another activist, Dagoberto Martínez, was arrested while trying to travel from Pinar del Río to the capital to attend the event, and then released, Roque reported on his Twitter account.

Roque criticized the size of the police deployment only to prevent the meeting of peaceful opponents. The activist described as “unimaginable that so much can be spent on repression and that the people of Cuba have nothing to eat.”
The police operation began from the early hours of this Friday.

Days ago, Roque and Ayllón were detained for several hours and subjected to an interrogation by State Security officials.

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