Mexican priest who aided Cuban migrants is kidnapped

Father Aarón Méndez

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Aaaah, the wonders of Mexico! And, oh, the wonders of Castrogonia and Cuban families!

Sarcasm aside, this is really an awful story.

Father Aarón Méndez, a Mexican priest, has been kidnapped by criminals who wanted him to turn over Cuban migrants to them in order to extort ransom money from their families.

Since 99 percent of Cubans in Cuba have no money, this means that the ransom would have to be paid by relatives who don’t live in Cuba, most probably in the U.S.

And it seems that criminals in Mexico prefer to kidnap Cuban migrants because they always fetch a higher price and their families pay more quickly than those of any other nationality.

So, what’s going on here? Where is this money coming from?

The worst part of it all is that a very kind priest who devoted his life to helping migrants has been kidnapped, and nearly a week later, no one has heard a word from his kidnappers.

If you are a praying person, please pray for Father Aarón Méndez.

Mexican gangsters are not known for their kindness and compassion. Just a couple of days ago, they massacred sixteen men, hanging nine of their mutilated corpses from a bridge and dumping the other seven along a road.

From CiberCuba / ht to Ziva

Mexican priest, Aaron Méndez – of the Casa del Migrante AMAR, in Nuevo Laredo – has been kidnapped by agents of organized crime in Mexico, after he refused to hand over Cubans who were under his protection.

Although the kidnapping took place on August 3, the news was only confirmed on Friday 9 to the Spanish agency EFE, by Erbin Ortiz an employee of the hostel where the priest was lodging, who also served as his top assistant.
According to Ortiz, the criminals arrived at the place “with the intention of taking some Cuban migrants in order to ask their families to ransom them”.
Father Aaron did not yield to these extortionist pressures and for that reason he was kidnapped.

According to Ortiz, “Cubans are the most profitable migrants to kidnap for organized crime” because of the speed with which their relatives pay the ransom.

After the kidnapping, the federal authorities were informed, but so far they have not heard from the priest.

A worker at the migrant shelter where the Cubans are living has assured that they have been guarded 24 hours a day, however the fear persists “that criminals can return and take more people”.

The criminal gang has not shown up, nor has it requested a ransom for the priest.

Aarón Méndez, according to the aforementioned agency, has been in charge of the shelter since 2009, and watched over the safety of migrants. There they usually do altruistic work with migrants, such as “taking them to give food to vulnerable communities in Nuevo Laredo” or to paint schools or clean up parks.

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