Socialist Maduro dictatorship’s so-called diplomats steal art from Venezuelan embassy in Washington D.C.

Socialists doing what socialists love to do: steal the property of others.

Sabrina Martin reports in PanAm Post:

Maduro’s Illegitimate Diplomats Steal Art from the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC

The illegitimate Chavista diplomatic corps has stolen millions in artwork from Venezuela’s Washington DC embassy, prompting outrage.

The illegitimate Chavista diplomatic corps has stolen at least three important works of art from the headquarters of the Venezuelan embassy in the United States; these are paintings by Armando Reverón, Héctor Poleo and Manuel Cabré.

The legitimate ambassador of Venezuela in the United States, Carlos Vecchio, denounced that under the tenure of Maduro’s envoys, the mission stole these works of art, which belong to the Venezuelan state.

A work by Maestro Armando Reverón is quoted in the world art market at USD $300,000; one by Héctor Poleo is valued at USD $200,000, and there is a further work by Manuel Cabré. It has been estimated that the robbery perpetrated by the Chavista diplomatic corps is around one million dollars.

Chavista officials left Venezuela’s embassy in Washington in a precarious situation.

In March 2019, Maduro’s diplomats at the Venezuelan embassy in Lima also committed furniture theft; late at night they fled the diplomatic headquarters and hired a truck to remove furniture and computer equipment, among other things. These are assets that belong to the Venezuelan state and which Chavista officials sought to appropriate for their own personal use.

But Chavista diplomats have not only stolen furniture and works of art, but also appropriated money through fraudulent transactions.

As soon as the United States recognized Carlos Vecchio as ambassador of interim President Juan Guaidó, the Venezuelan Chavista embassy made fraudulent transactions to the tune of almost a million dollars, and a good part of that money went to the Chavez delegation at the UN, headed by Samuel Moncada. It is unknown what happened to that money.

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