Stowaway’s escape from Cuba exposed lax security at Havana airport, fears Castro dictatorship reprisals if returned

The escape from Cuba last week by a young man in the belly of an airliner bound for Miami is a clear indication security at Cuban airports is subpar at best. The stowaway’s daring act served not only to expose the lax security at Havana’s international airport, but was also a major embarrassment for the Castro dictatorship.

If he is ever returned to Cuba, you can be sure the socialist Castro dictatorship will make him pay for that (Via Miami’s Local10 News):

Yunier Garcia was working as a baggage handler at José Martí International Airport in Havana, Cuba, when he decided to risk his life in an attempt to make it to the United States. But instead of freedom, he found a cell at the Krome Detention Center.

Garcia, 26, quietly hid with the luggage that was placed in the belly of a Swift Air charter flight on Friday. After about 40 minutes, he made it to the Miami International Airport on Friday, but not without detection.   

“I can’t really say what Yunier was thinking,” said Lorena Duarte, his immigration attorney, adding that “As he worked there, he saw possibilities or opportunities he could take advantage of.”

It could take time for Garcia to find out if he will have access to the land of opportunity. Cubans are having to stay in private prisons indefinetly, as they wait for asylum hearings. 


Duarte said Garcia has a pending asylum claim he must prove he has a credible fear of going back to the island. Duarte said he does. His bold move exposed flaws in Cuba’s airport security,  and she said that could turn him into a prime target of government persecution. 

The corrupt and criminal Castro dictatorship cannot be trusted to maintain any acceptable level of security at airports in Cuba. The Cuban regime is a well-known supporter of terrorist organizations and has a decades-long history of helping drug cartels.