Reporter discovers extreme apartheid in socialist Cuba, then regurgitates Communist Party excuses for its existence

From our Bureau of Highly Defensive Reporting on Socialist Apartheid

Take a left-leaning journalist to Cuba to write about its beaches and what do you get?

A flummoxed journalist who can’t make sense of what he/she sees and hears.

This is what has happened to a nameless reporter for AFP , who noticed that Cubans are rbarred from the country’s finest beaches but at the same time discovered that the official line from Castro, Inc. proclaims that this is simply untrue.

The the country’s 271 beaches are “socialist property belonging to everyone” beaches belong to everyone,” says Castro Inc. in article 23 of its so-called constitution.

Yet the reporter notices that Cubans are never seen at most of those 271 beaches and are instead relegated to the worst beaches, at which one finds no tourists.

To deal with this paradox, the reporter then quotes lots of “experts” who spout Castrobabble and ultimately blame the island’s apartheid on everything from the Bay of Pigs invasion, to the U.S. “blockade,” to dissidents, and to the “illegal exodus”…. Yeah.

So, there you have it: Cuban apartheid is paradoxical, but ultimately good and just for the noble savages who love going to crappy beaches, even the dirtiest and nastiest one could hope never to find anywhere.

Oh, yeah, those noble savages do love their socialism and the filthy beaches to which they are restricted, all for the sake of some higher utopian purpose.

As one Cuban quoted in the article says: “We like the beach, whether it’s clean or dirty…. “That’s important because it’s us, the people, who are taking the country forward,”

The “people”… yeah, sure…. and “forward”…. yeah, sure. And the spin goes on, and on,, and on…

Nice socialist beach for Cuban noble savages: they love it!


Cuba’s constitution guarantees its people access to its beaches, but many locals are unable to enjoy the island’s pristine white sands and crystal clear blue waters.

While foreign tourists flock to such paradisiacal Havana sites as Varadero, which was this year named the second most-beautiful beach in the world by American travel website TripAdvisor, Cubans are typically found elsewhere.

“Not many tourists come here,” said 43-year-old Rey Gonzalez, who was enjoying a day at Guanabo, a beach east of the capital.

Guanabo’s sand isn’t as white and the water not quite as clear as Varadero’s, but that mattered little to Gonzalez, who was there with his family. “For me, all the beaches are the same: the sand, the sea … you don’t see the difference when you’re swimming,” said Gonzalez.

Sitting on a stretch of beach where numerous stray beer cans were visible, 34-year-old Lazaro Palomino added: “We like the beach, whether it’s clean or dirty.”

Even so, Palomino recognises that Varadero is on a different level. “All Cubans would love to go. I went once and I came back in shock” at its beauty, Palomino said with a chuckle.

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