The Mother of all Scented Candles: Cuban Bread

The Cuban Bread scented candle is, to say the least, a game changer.

Carlos Frias in The Miami Herald:

This scented candle will make your entire house smell like Cuban bread. And now you’re hungry.

Dunking Cuban toast into café con leche one morning, Isabel Alvarez wished there was a way to bottle the mouthwatering scent of warm Cuban bread.

And then, she figured out how.

Alvarez, a candle-maker from Los Angeles, created a scented candle to make any home smell like a loaf of fresh-baked pan cubano.

“You literally can smell the salty butter, the yeasty dough. It’s literally that savory aroma,” she said. “You can practically taste the crackling crust, the warm dough inside. It’s a trip.”

Alvarez, 47, has been getting requests from all over America, including Miami, since her sister posted a photo of her candle online. She tagged Cuban-culture influencers My Big Fat Cuban Family, with its 59,000 Facebook followers, and Abuela Mami, the Miami online store which ships care packages of Cuban food.

Soon she was fielding inquiries from Miami to Seattle to Minnesota, where one customer told her she couldn’t buy Cuban bread; the least she could do was enjoy the scent.

“The reaction we’ve had from the Cuban community all over the country has been overwhelming,” Alvarez said.

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