Quote of the Day: Brazil’s Bolsonaro reminds Bachelet Chile today would be like Cuba if not for anti-communists

In response to harsh criticism by the UN’s Michelle Bachelet that Brazil’s democracy was eroding, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro responded by reminding the former Chilean president that her country would be like Cuba if not for Chile’s anti-communists.

Via Deutsche Welle:

“While [Bachelet] says that Brazil is losing democratic space, she forgets that her country is not Cuba thanks only to those who had the courage to put a stop on the left-wing in 1973.”

1 thought on “Quote of the Day: Brazil’s Bolsonaro reminds Bachelet Chile today would be like Cuba if not for anti-communists”

  1. It wasn’t democracy which saved Chile; but rather, it was democracy which almost destroyed Chile.

    Gen. Pinochet was at war with communists, for history has demonstrated, repeatedly, that democracy without the proper socioeconomic foundations is not worth two sh*ts and rather serves as a wide door for communism, islamism, and the like.

    Granted, Pinochet wasn’t there to impose ideology, ransack, or cement himself in power – as communist do. He was there to clean house and save Chile from becoming another Soviet satellite state a la Cubazuela. Once this was done, he stepped down and returned Chile in far better state than acquired.

    Today Chile is the most prosperous nation, per-capita, in South America and it is so thanks to the nationalist right, not the marxist left.

    That said, socialist frauds like Bachelet could not care less about democracy. Leftists in general only care about democracy when it serves them, otherwise they do all in their power to slander and sabotage democracy.

    For starters, Bolsonaro was elected and her despotic idol, Castro, was not. Yet, I’ve never heard that snarky and shameless bitch advocating for the end of totalitarianism in Cuba. Actually, I heard her say there were no more dictatorships in Latin America. How, um, selectively blind of her…

    Such words are either a reflection of mental sickness or utter shamelessness. Either way, she is garbage just asking for a verbal beating.

    But, of course, all the communists eliminated by Gen. Pinochet were “victims” and democratic. Sure, bitch…

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