Miami Dade College severs ties with communist Chinese government’s Confucius Institute after months of pressure

After months of pressure and public outcry over allowing a communist Chinese government propaganda and censorship apparatus to operate freely on its campus, Miami Dade College has finally severed ties with the Confucius Institute. China’s dictatorship has used the institute on college campuses around the world to influence opinion, dictate what can and cannot be taught and said, and to keep a watchful eye on exiled Chinese dissidents.

Fortunately, Miami Dade College finally came to its senses (via MDC’s student newspaper, The Reporter):

Miami Dade College has cut ties with the controversial Confucius Institute, a Chinese-state funded program that incorporates Chinese culture into Western institutions. 

Sen. Marco Rubio said in a tweet this evening: “Great to hear @MDCollege has ended its contract with the #ConfuciusInstitute. Great job by the Chairman @BernieNavarro7, the trustees & the new interim President. You made the right decision.” 

Navarro confirmed the news to The Reporter but did not provide any additional details. Interim College President Rolando Montoya could not be reached for comment Thursday.   


Marcell Felipe, who has criticized the program ever since he was elected to the Board more than five months ago, has not been shy about his desire to have the program removed from MDC. 

“[Confucius Institutes] have no place at [Miami Dade College],” Felipe said in a tweet in late July. “As a new Trustee, I will move for it to be scrapped; it’s not about right or left: we can’t partner with institutions run by people who censor imprison and persecute other academics.”

The effort to have MDC cut ties with the Confucius Institute was led by the Miami Young Republicans. Their grassroots campaign to expose the institutions true purpose led to the immense pressure that forced MDC to finally sever its relationship.